The Post I’ve Been Avoiding

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God seems to be speaking to me through blogs lately.

It’s been a tough couple weeks for our family. My dear, sweet Mr. V, who has put his heart into this PhD program, has realized that the career path we thought he would be headed down is just not panning out right now.

It’s been a shock to our system to say the least.

So he’s exploring different opportunities, trying to figure out what the heck we’re going to do once he graduates. Our main option right now involves staying in Nashville, in our same tiny house, with me still working, for a couple of years.

The whole time we’ve been in Nashville, we’ve told people it would only be for five years. I feel like I’ve prepared myself mentally and emotionally for not being here come September, and now that has changed and I’m not quite sure what to do with it. I am, of course, also distressed about not being able to quit work unless I come up with a lot of editing and writing freelance work. But it’s not the end of the world–I do have a job I really like for a wonderful company.

Needless to say, I feel a little lost. But I’ve been blessed to come across Biblical Womanhood and Mrs. Fussypants‘ posts on very similar times that they’ve been through–and both are praising God for the tough times now that they are on the other side.

We need those tough times to grow. So for now, I’m finding solace in the Word, prayer, and some sweet posts from my fellow bloggers.

4 thoughts on “The Post I’ve Been Avoiding

  1. My heart breaks for you. Just know that God is still in control, He will take care of you all and work things out according to His will, as long as you stay in His will. I’ll keep praying.

  2. Well I’m not sure why some of your plans have changed….

    but I feel for you in MANY PhD wives’ ways!!! My husband was told in Aug/Sept that he WAS in his LAST year of the PhD program and that in May he WOULD be FINISHED…

    So my dear sweet pastoring a small church hubby is also chugging away, word-by-word on his PhD (at a seminary) that he’s been working on since we married in June 2002!!

    Life has changed soo much since he started the program as a newlywed youth pastor:) We’re now a family of five and he’s the only pastor of a small “country” church!!

    We’re not sure what plans are before us…. most of our long-term plans depend on his finishing with a degree…LOL…

    But we’ll be busy and tight-with-time until mid-April and May and then we’ll take time to evaluate and figure out the next step/steps the Lord has for us:)

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