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Resolution by Missy, posted on Internet Cafe Devotions, talks about facing the unexpected. God’s plan is not always our plan and I think we know it but don’t like it. Man, am I facing this one right now! But that is an entirely different post …

I also enjoyed BoutCrazy’s post on her New Year’s resolutions.

This is not a post, but am I the last person in the world to discover Divine Caroline? If not, it’s a great site where any woman can post an article in different topics–parenting, health, religion, culture, etc. I’ve had three articles posted and I am doing a series on going back to work. If you’re a member, send me a friend request! I’m vanderbiltwife over there too. (And on Twitter, if you’re there!)

You can win a $25 gift card to Kroger at 5Dollar Dinners if you enter before tomorrow night, and Little Debbies from Sense to Save! (I kinda hate posting about contests because, of course, I want to win….but I also want to share the love!)

Sometimes I get bored with Pioneer Woman’s posts about doing ranch work (just being honest here, I love her, really)–but her post The Dichotomy of Motherhood was wonderful and definitely struck a chord with me!

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