Pray for Kelly, Scott, and Harper

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Y’all, I am torn up and brokenhearted over what has happened over at Kelly’s Korner. Her baby girl Harper was born Friday night and immediately had to be incubated. She has pneumonia and fluid in her lungs and some kind of heart problem. The doctors flew her to the children’s hospital in Tulsa, where it seems like she is doing better.

There was no indication of any problem up until Harper’s birth. I just can’t imagine if Libbie had been born and immediately taken away from me. Kelly is not allowed to hold or even talk to Harper because they can’t “stimulate” her in any way.

Kelly had a long bout with infertility and has been anxious to hold her own baby for many years. I just can’t imagine the pain she is going through. Please pray for Harper to continue to get stronger and healthier. She has already pushed through when the doctors thought she would die. Take a minute right now and lift her up in your prayers to our Heavenly Father, the One Who Can Heal.

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