Step 1: The Schedule

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As promised, here’s my first step toward keeping my home a decent place.

Since Libbie was born, I’ve sporadically tried to keep myself to some kind of schedule when it comes to cleaning.

I HATE CLEANING. It usually ends up like this. The only cleaning at all I care to do is laundry. And that is probably because my laundry room is upstairs with our bedrooms so it’s not too bad to lug things back and forth. And now I love to fold and hang up the itty bitty baby things.

At one point I was frustrated and tried to make a list about how I would clean the bathrooms every week, vacuum every week, we would wash dishes together every night, he would take out the trash, etc… It didn’t work.

I finally decided that if I could tackle one room in my house per day, it would not lead to the cleaning marathons we tend to have before someone comes over. I really like this plan. It means I only have to clean about 1/2 an hour every day at most. I can do that while Libbie naps or after she goes to bed. Mr. V usually pitches in a little bit with dishes or general picking up. I don’t do everything every week, but I try to do tidying and some heavier cleaning each week.

It’s been working out great so far and I can’t believe I might have actually found a plan that works for me!!

Here’s my schedule.

Saturday: Bathrooms
Sunday: Kitchen
Monday: Family Room
Tuesday: Nursery
Wednesday: trash/dog cleaning duty (Mr. V’s jobs)
Thursday: Our Bedroom
Friday: Closets/Laundry (I do laundry throughout the week, but this and Saturday are my “try to get almost everything in the wash” days)

7 thoughts on “Step 1: The Schedule

  1. I’ve finally come to the conclusion, I’m a spontaneous cleaner. When I’m in the mood, I do it, if not, then… too bad, house. 🙂

  2. this room-by-room method is actually how I try to do my weekly chores as well – it works out great for us, and as you said, it leaves time during the week for those “big” tackles here and there….

    Good luck with the new ‘system’; hope you have a great week!

  3. I’m trying to start a system kind of like this. It’d be nice to have all of my house clean at the same time but it just doesn’t happen that way around here!

  4. I did that schedule when the kids were smaller. As they got older the house stayed cleaner. We now do a set of rooms every 2 wks.
    Thursday is our weekly cleaning day. So the bathroom, kitchen & laundry room get tackled. Next week will be l/f rooms.
    As long as we do the daily cleaning the house stays pretty well organized. If it wasn't for that dust and mud the follows us around we would be pretty good.

  5. OK I have been trying to find time to sit down and study this plan. I like it. My question is: Do you straighten, dust, and vacuum each daily room? That means you have to get the vacuum out and take it to a different room every day? Please explain!

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