Those Yellow Stars Make Me Hungry

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I use Google Reader for my blog reading. I love it to pieces. And I love being able to star posts I might want to see again so I don’t lose them (which happens often to me).


All but two of my starred posts are recipes. Heh. Guess I need to start cooking. Thought I’d share with you these links, in case YOU wanted to make one of these and tell me how it was and if I should make it or not. [I put the dates there for amusement. 1. How long I’ve had these saved and haven’t made them. 2. I got pregnant about 2/2/08–my sugar cravings were insane!]

Again, your instructions: Make one of these recipes. Tell me if it’s worth making. Or, you could come to my house and fix it for me. I wouldn’t complain.

One thought on “Those Yellow Stars Make Me Hungry

  1. I star recipes all the time. I have over 100 in my Google Reader. I don’t think I’ve made 10 of them! I should really start cracking!

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