Three Months

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Dearest Libbie,
Will you forgive me, Sweet Pea, for not writing you a letter since you were six weeks old? It’s been eight weeks since then and I am ashamed! Life is crazy. If you’re thinking about not forgiving me, please just let me recount my 36 hours of labor to you one more time.

In the last eight weeks, you’ve been in seven states; seen seven great-grandparents, four grandparents, two aunts, and more relatives than I can count; started daycare; had your first cold; and grown to be impossibly cute and even more lovable.

Daddy and I drug you around all those states to meet as many of our friends and family as we could squeeze in, and you did great! You usually fall right asleep in the car. You love to snuggle with everyone, although nobody holds you quite the same way I do, and I assume you prefer me and Daddy to anyone else. 🙂 I think sleeping on Daddy’s chest is your happiest time. I love it when we take naps together cuddling, too.

You are still such a happy baby. You sleep through the night, smile all the time, and love to lay on a blanket and kick to your heart’s desire. People are amazed when I tell them how well you sleep and how you rarely cry unless you’re hungry or extremely tired.

You love music–your seahorse “glow-worm,” the crib soother, CDs, me and Daddy singing to you. You love the TV, especially sports. (That scares Mommy a little!) And you love that pacifier. We started with six pacis, and right now we are down to three that I know where they are. I wonder if you’ll be one of those kids with a security blanket, only yours will be a paci tied to a string or something.

You started daycare this month. Some days it breaks my heart, and some days I think it’s best that I work. I don’t know what to think. I am afraid if I do ever get the chance to be at home with you I will be awful mom. I hope that is not the case, but I am awful restless. You need to learn from your daddy–it’s OK just to sit and relax for awhile. But I also think it’s OK to be filled with passion and be a little restless some of the time. I am always feel like if I am sitting still, I am wasting time and could be out saving the world.

Your dad and I already make up fantasies of what you will be like, where you will go to school, what you will do–be a chef! go to Harvard! send us to “the home”! I want you to do whatever you want, sweetie. Be passionate about life, live to the fullest, and love God beyond all measure. Oh, how I pray that you will love Him so much. I pray that you will be a pure woman of God. And I pray that you will save yourself for your husband. I know that may seem strange, but it is getting more and more rare and I just hope you see what a wonderful thing it can be.

I love you SO much, Bitty Bit. I know you shouldn’t say things like this, but I really feel fulfilled in being a mother. I feel like God has been preparing me for it my whole life. I just hope I can be a woman you can respect, look up to, and admire. I hope you will make better choices than I have sometimes, be smarter than I am, and never for a moment doubt you are amazing.

I love you, Princess.


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  1. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh what a precious sweetheart!!! Wow 7 states at only 3 months old! I haven’t even been to 7 states and I’m 27! heheh! I can’t wait for her to be old enough to read these letters one day. How special!!!! Thanks for sharing!

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