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Well, eventually maybe I’ll have enough time to write a new post. I have two posts very fully developed in my head but life has been insane! Here’s my “25 Things About Me” meme from Facebook to keep you entertained for a minute. Unless you already are my Facebook friend. Then sorry.

1. It’s 9:50, and I am usually asleep by now. Even in college I almost always went to bed by 11. With the baby I feel 8:30 is an acceptable bedtime for us all.
2. I love the color purple. Not the book, the color. 🙂
3. I read A TON. I’ve read 70-95 books the last few years.
4. And I rarely reread anything anymore, although I used to a lot.
5. I like to think we named Libbie “Elizabeth Jane” partly because Elizabeth Bishop and Elizabeth Barrett-Browning are my favorite poets, and Jane Austen is of course a favorite.
6. Although really, she’s named after my grandmother.
7. It really bugs me when people spell Libbie’s name with a Y, even though that’s how I wanted to spell it originally.
8. It takes me forever to go to sleep at night.
9. I would love to have 4 kids, or maybe even more.
10. I LOVE my job. The hierarchy and environment is not always perfect, but I love what I do.
11. Adam and I can quote from nearly every episode of How I Met Your Mother.
12. I really only watch a few TV shows: How I Met Your Mother, The Big Bang Theory, The Office, and Project Runway or Top Chef, they alternate being on.
13. I really want to be a chef or a food critic, but I don’t feel like I can because I don’t like tomatoes, olives, raw onion, or spicy food.
14. I love dill pickles, but I only ate them once the whole time I was pregnant. They were gross to me WHEN I was pregnant. Strange, huh?
15. There was a rainbow but no rain on our wedding day.
16. I love blogging and get really excited when I get more hits. I’m hoping that someday my blog will be more popular and maybe even make money. Who knows?
17. I love hearing people’s stories. Everyone has an interesting story to tell.
18. I’ve never really doubted God’s existence.
19. I love to try new recipes. I love to cook in general. I would love to teach people how to cook.
20. I am addicted to blogs. I have a ton on my Google Reader that I read every day.
21. And I am a compulsive e-mail checker.
22. I have absolutely no taste when it comes to decorating. I wish someone would do it for me. And then keep it clean.
23. I love doing the Sunday crossword puzzles, even though I could never finish them on my own.
24. We get the Sunday paper and never read it, just dig out the ads and the crossword.
25. I was 100% shocked when Adam proposed–especially because it was in front of a VERY large crowd of people. I was 20 when we got engaged and 22 when we got married. Also, 2 is my lucky number and he proposed on 2/22.

3 thoughts on “Busy Working Girl

  1. I was a huge pickle eater before I got pregnant. Like many generations of women in my family, I even canned my own! Unfortunately, they appeal didn’t come back. I feel like I lost part of my heritage…

  2. Thanks for sharing. This is the first time I have read your blog and love it! We have so much in common. Was your daughter born in Feb 2008? I have a 15 month old. I also hope to create a blog soon! Hopefully I can figure it out!

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