Four Months

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Dear Libbie,

You were four months old yesterday. How can that be possible? I’m sure it always feel this way for parents–that in one way it’s like you were just born the other day and on the other hand it feels like you’ve been here forever!

This month has been full of milestones and fun. You’re really developing a personality. You can roll over both ways now, sit in your Bumbo seat, hold up your head for a good amount of time, giggle, and oh my, do you complain if you don’t get your way. You also started playing with toys and putting everything in your mouth.

This picture is from one of the worst days of this month, Valentine’s Day, when you decided to scream incessantly for about three hours. You finally wore yourself out and fell asleep on your playmat.

The more fun you get, the harder it is for me to work and be apart from you. Once we are home, you’re rarely awake more than an hour or two before you settle in for the night. I feel like I am losing so much time with you. I do visit you every day at lunch. It makes it easier for me to get to see you and talk to your teachers, who do truly adore you (of course).

One day recently, I gave you a bath, bundled you up in your little towel, and looked at us in the mirror. I couldn’t help but cry. I find it hard to believe that I have a daughter–a sweet, precious, beautiful daughter. I’m a mommy. It overwhelms me still.

Your daddy and I just adore you insanely, as do all of your grandparents, aunts, great-grandparents, and our friends. I know it is hard for all of our family that you are so far away from them. Your Nana and Grandma are heartbroken to not to get to see you more often. Someday, hopefully, we’ll live closer to them. I want you to know your grandparents well, because they are all pretty fun.

I love you, little Peanut. Your smiles and coos make our lives so much better. I can’t wait to see how you will continue to grow and change.



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