Interesting Links of the Inexplicable Time Period

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Also known as, I got nothing else to write about, so here ya go!

True, one-sentence stories. Hilarious, fascinating, sad. Could be a new obsession.

Drool running down my face as I stare at the sweets this site has cooked up, and then remember how I keep wanting needing to start the South Beach Diet.

Like she needs any more traffic, but Dooce, despite her irreverence, makes me laugh. Read this one

I really want to learn how to CVS. This post is helpful. I am just afraid my little mind cannot wrap itself around all those numbers and coupons. But I really want to be able to get my toiletries for free!! I just can’t see buying stuff I don’t need “just because.” Advice from CVSers? (Also, how many times can I use the word just in one paragraph?)

And speaking of my new cheapo mentality, here’s 20 Frugal Moms to Follow on Twitter. And if you’re not a mom, you can still be frugal! I was following MoneySavingMom‘s blog/Twitter way before I ever gave birth. I don’t know why people assume you only want to save money if you have offspring! 

3 thoughts on “Interesting Links of the Inexplicable Time Period

  1. Love Dooce and thank you for introducing me to eat me, delicious. I’m always on the lookout for new cooking blogs particularly veggie friendly and/or healthy. Of course her desserts just may do me in.

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