Publix Bargain Meal #2– 2/11-2/17

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Sorry I am a little bit late on the game this week. I promise I will post on Wednesday when the ad comes out this coming week. I have had a rough week…but you don’t need to hear about that!

I was a little disappointed by the Publix deals this week, but here’s my suggestion. (I’ve also decided it’s impossible to do a $5 meal without using coupons or finding manager’s specials, which are of course unadvertised. So I’m just going to suggest a recipe using the Publix specials rather than writing out the prices for each item.)

Whole chicken 1.09/lb
Brussel sprouts 1.49/lb
Green Giant Valley Fresh Steamers 50% off

Roast the whole chicken–here’s a simple method from Daily Fete. Roast on top of the brussel sprouts, or roast them seperately (coat brussel sprouts with olive oil, sprinkle with salt and pepper, and shake on some Parmesan cheese). Serve with Valley Steamer of red potatoes with sauce on the side. Yum!

I know many people think they don’t like brussel sprouts, but if you roast them they lose a lot of the bitterness and are quite tasty in my opinion. Also very filling.

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