The Valentine Rant

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I promise tomorrow I am going to have the ooey-gooiest Valentine’s post you can imagine. It will make you all want to throw up. It is already written and set to post at some undisclosed time tomorrow. So stay on the edge of your seats. 🙂

But for today, I can still be angry right? Honestly I have just been in an angry mood all week due to several factors: my milk supply has tanked, an article I already wrote is not going to be published, I’ve been sick, I dislike Valentine’s Day in general. But here is the kicker.

When I brought Libbie into daycare Tuesday morning her teacher informed me that I was expected to bring Valentines from Libbie to the kids in her class on Friday. I was flabbergasted. Libbie is THREE MONTHS OLD, y’all. Her class is all infants 10 months and under. I am fairly certain that none of them will realize whether or not Libbie sent them a Valentine.

I posted this to Twitter (which also goes to my Facebook status), and got pretty much the same response from everyone: HUH?

I was tempted to wipe her little baby hand in some hot pink child-safe ink we have at home, smear it on some paper, and say that is what Libbie could do for Valentines. Because she’s THREE MONTHS OLD.

Instead, I bought the cheapest kiddy cards I could find (Scooby Doo, $1.99) and addressed them to those seven kids and three teachers. Because I don’t want to be “THAT” mom on the bad list. But it pained my heart.

I want my two dollars back.


In some unranting news, I’ve finally made the step up and own!! If you could change your Google reader and other feeds to go there, that would be awesome. Thanks!

7 thoughts on “The Valentine Rant

  1. As I twittered, that is INSANE about the Valentine’s Cards. Just ridiculous. I’m so sorry to hear about your milk though. My milk never came in…NEVER…so I understand how frustrating and overwhelming that can feel. And the article? SHEESH. Hopefully you can get some relaxing in this weekend.

  2. I agree – 3 mos old is a little ridiculous – I think that I would have been “that” mom and claimed sleep deprivation kept me from bringing them in!

  3. I don’t really *hate* Valentine’s Day–I just think it’s a commercial holiday that makes single people feel bad and attached people feel guilty for not doing enough.

  4. Oh I so would have been “that”mom!! I totally agree about the commercial aspect. Acts of love and kindness should be done for those we love all the time, not just one day a year!

  5. My working mom neighbor swore by having one beer each night to keep her milk supply going. No other alcohol, just beer. Her doctor told her to do it–I am not sure why it works. Too bad I can’t stand beer. 🙂

  6. It's so strange- I think sometimes in an attempt to validate their existance, or to feel like you're really getting your momeny worth daycares go totally overboard. I don't think that the little paper cards enriched those kids in any way…but I bet they tell the interested parents how they "celebrate" all the holidays. We have a now 2 year old, and have been in the similar situations!

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