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50 Reasons Why I Love My Sweetie, in honor of Valentine’s Day

1. He has absolutely never made me feel bad about my weight. I don’t think he thinks I have a weight problem at all.
2. He always tells me my eyes are pretty.
3. He made me get over the fear of having people touch my leg.
4. One time, when we were having a BSU girls’ sleepover, while the other guys came and tormented us with fish guts, he left me a giant bouquet of flowers in my dorm room.
5. He proposed in the most perfect, public, amazing, out-of-his-comfort-zone way ever.
6. The week before he proposed, he brought me flowers in a very loud vase to the university cafeteria.
7. He makes me omelets because I am inept at omelet-making.
8. He still tells me I am perfect, even though I know I constantly whine and complain about him.
9. He has fun, curly hair.
10. And a cute booty. Just saying.
11. He loves to hug.
12. And is the best cuddler in the world. The Cuddlemaster.
13. He doesn’t get scared when I cry.
14. He is insanely smart but doesn’t think he is.
15. He never tries to intimidate anyone with his intelligence.
16. He plays with my hair.
17. He saved himself for me.
18. He knows how to fix the computer and TV.
19. He changes dirty diapers.
20. He loves cuddling the baby.
21. He wanted the Fairy Princess playgym instead of a gender-neutral one.
22. He loves dinosaurs.
23. He rubs my back.
24. He helps me put things into perspective when I can’t.
25. He tells me I am smart and believes it.
26. He sends me funny things through e-mail.
27. Last night he watched the entire 6 1/2 minutes of the “Backstreet’s Back” music video on YouTube just for my amusement.
28. He remembered our one-month dating anniversary and I didn’t.
29. And he never forgets an anniversary, birthday, or important date.
30. He loves Jesus.
31. He spoons me at night and doesn’t get offended if I push him away for being too hot.
32. He is insanely patient with me.
33. We can read each other’s thoughts.
34. He loves to pick out jewelry for me.
35. He lets the dog out at night even if he asks to go out six times.
36. He knows all the answers to Jeopardy.
37. He loves to hang out with the homeless men at Room in the Inn and hear their stories.
38. He has a sweet singing voice.
39. He thinks my beef stew is better than his mama’s.
40. Sometimes he still calls me Flower.
41. He knows stuff about politics.
42. We have the same values and most of the same views on big issues.
43. And when we don’t, we agree to disagree and are OK with it.
44. He’s introduced me to a lot of great music.
45. He always knows what “How I Met Your Mother” is going to be about each week, so I can ask him and not have to look it up.
46. He still gets excited thinking about the hamburger he had once at the Tobacco Company restaurant in Richmond.
47. He’s a die-hard Spiders fan.
48. He likes to read.
49. He wears good shoes.
50. He’s MINE!

I am convinced sometimes that I got the last good man out there. They don’t make many kind, sweet, sensitive, and patient men like my sweetie. Happy Valentine’s Day.

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  1. This is really sweet! I especially like #7! The first time Gray made me an omelet I couldn’t believe how good it was. Mine never taste quite as good.

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