Blissdom Babies

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I love this picture from Blissdom taken by Secret Agent Mama (and used with her permission). It’s me, Jordana, and Amanda and our little ones. I feel like I spent half of Blissdom sitting on this couch.

I want to thank y’all who have come to visit my little Internet space here since Blissdom! I love to write and it makes me feel blessed that people are interested in reading my musings here. Know I try to visit everyone’s blog who comments on mine! And I appreciate your comment so, so much.

I have an auto-post set for tomorrow, but other than that I’m not sure if I’ll post until Tuesday. I am leaving today to go visit my family with Libbie. Have a wonderful weekend! Don’t forget to enter the contest! Get one entry by commenting on my post and another entry by commenting on Deborah’s!

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