Five Months

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Precious Libbie,
I am writing this two days before your five-month “birthday” because we are about to head off to Pennsylvania, just you and me, for a little vacation. I think we need it after the last few weeks. I’m exhausted from being overscheduled and working to the point of insanity last week. I think you could use a few good nights of sleeping as much as you want instead of being woke up at the crack of dawn so we can get Daddy to school, you to daycare, and Mommy to work.

You didn’t seem that interested in going to sleep tonight, whereas you are usually zonked out by 7:15. After two rounds of trying to get you to go to sleep by yourself, I relented and rocked you. You were out by verse 3 of Amazing Grace. But I couldn’t let go. All I could think of was MckMama sitting with her baby Stellan, who is just a week or so younger than you but is in the hospital struggling for his precious little life. I thanked God that your sweet heart was beating normally, and prayed fervently that God would heal Stellan’s heart for His glory.

I can’t believe how you get more beautiful every day. Your dad and I aren’t too bad-looking, I guess, but I find it hard to believe our genes meshed to make the most beautiful baby I’ve ever seen (but perhaps I’m just slightly biased). You still have deep blue eyes, super long lashes, and sweet little feminine lips. And I can’t stop kissing your chubby cheeks and loving on your fat little legs.

This month you had a few firsts: your aunt Ashley and I took you to the zoo, you were on an airplane for the first time, and you visited Mommy’s hometown of Richmond. By the way, I didn’t fly on an airplane until I was 16–you will be much more experienced than I was in the ways of travel!

You love to play with toys now, jump in your jumperoo, roll over like crazy, and eat anything you can get near your mouth (especially your clothes as I am trying to put them on). Above all you like to be naked. Stripping you will often stop a screaming bout. This is OK since you’re a little bit…but we’ll have to readdress the issue in a few years!

I guess I need to go get the rest of our stuff together for our big trip tomorrow! I love you, little peanut.


2 thoughts on “Five Months

  1. Apparently both my mom and dad were quite fond of being naked and would strip themselves as munchkins, and then wander all over. My dad would go down to the road and talk to people who stopped in their cars! My mom just ripped her dresses down the front, so my nana had to safety pin them. Happy thing to think about, huh? Love you, Erin.

  2. Love this letter. Absolutely precious baby, too! You aren’t biased! You’re right!
    Have a safe trip!

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