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I really, really like this blog: Start Your Family. I would definitely never say that everyone should start having a family right away (sometimes it’s not a choice; we certainly didn’t start trying right away–we were married over 4 years before we had Libbie). But good points made here. (FYI: I firmly believe that if you don’t want to have kids, you shouldn’t. So please don’t take this like that!) The interviews with Rocks in My Dryer, Angie from Bring the Rain, and Big Mama are worth the trip over there!

Interesting take on budget grocery shopping
from Gourmet (via Meredith). I love looking for those little orange stickers at Kroger so much, I’d like to try this some week. Although it would be harder to use coupons without planning in advance. Hmm …

What I fear will happen to me when I am traveling alone with baby, courtesy Her Bad Mother (not always family-friendly, so ya know). In my head, I would respond, “Do you realize it’s legal in all 50 states to nurse in public and I can do it WHEREVER THE HECK I WANT?” But that is so not me that I don’t know what I would do.

MckMama‘s little miracle, Stellan, is back in the hospital this morning with very serious heart conditions. Please, please stop and say a prayer for him. She’s updating at her blog and Twitter.

Three years ago, I was in Thailand. Read about it here.

Also, just over a year ago I told y’all I was pregnant by ranting about a local restaurant. Here’s the post!

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