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Auntie Roo–about 3 months (?)

Libbie–3 months
Picture © Portrait Innovations

Except for the dark eyes, we think Libbie looks a lot like her “Auntie Roo” (my sister, Ashley). That’s definitely not a bad thing. My sister is beautiful! I do love Libbie’s blue eyes, but who knows if they’ll stay that way. My eyes are green and Mr. V’s are brown.

Auntie Roo is paying us a visit this weekend–she gets here on Thursday and leaves Sunday morning. We’re so excited! I know she is so anxious to see how Libbie has grown since Christmas, and I am excited to maybe be able to take a nap! 🙂 And to hang out with my little sis. We’ve almost always gotten along (there were those middle school years, of course…) and have a lot of fun together. It’s neat to have reached this new point where she’s such a sweet aunt to my baby and such a good friend to me. Hopefully one day we’ll live closer and be able to see each other more!!

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