Menu Plan Monday–Two Weeks

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Because a) I went over budget last week and b) I am going to be out of town for 5 dinners, I decided to go ahead and plan/shop for two weeks. It is going to be “use what’s in the freezer” this week, and then a few new things next week.

This Week
Monday: Asian Pork Tenderloin (this has totally been on the plan twice before..hrm), sugar snap peas, whole wheat couscous
Tuesday: Lasagna, Garlic Bread
Wednesday: dinner at church (pot roast)

Next Week:
Tuesday: Crockpot Chicken with egg noodles, honey carrots
Wednesday: dinner at church
Thursday: Baked Catfish fillets, hush puppies, broccoli/cauliflower/carrot mix
Friday: leftovers
Saturday: spaghetti with chicken and cheese
Sunday: leftovers/pantry creation

I didn’t spend too much this week–planned simple meals, eating leftovers, and using things from the freezer. Always helpful! (Also shopping for two weeks instead of one somehow always saves cash.) Here’s what I got this week.

Publix ($10.30)
1 bag oranges
Trop50 Orange Juice (on sale for 1.90, plus 1.00 off coupon catalina by the juice, so .90!)
3 Green Giant frozen boxed veggies ($1 each, plus $1/3 coupon from here)
4 whole wheat bagels
1 whole chicken

Kroger ($27.64)
Kraft shredded chedddar
1/2 gallon milk
2 lb. chicken breast
1 lb. catfish
Hunt’s tomato sauce
Braeburn apples (2 lbs.)
2 Healthy Choice cafe steamers
1 lb. Bob Evans sausage
frozen hush puppies
whole wheat spaghetti
egg noodles
broccoli/cauliflower/carrot fresh mix

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2 thoughts on “Menu Plan Monday–Two Weeks

  1. Do you know about Angelfood Ministries? We picked up our $60 box (paid $30) yesterday and I have planned 14 meals out of it! Look it up! No minimum income required. I think the more people who do it, but better deals they can get, so it isn’t restricted.

  2. I’ve wondered about doing Angelfood, but heard the food might be a lot of things we either don’t like or not that healthy. You’ll have to let me know what kind of things you got!

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