Top Ten Reasons I Don’t Care about St. Patrick’s Day

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I’m sure missing out … I could look THIS stupid!!

1. I’m not Irish.

2. I’m not Catholic.

3. I don’t drink beer, so no enthusiasm over green beer.

4. Plus, going out to drink would cause me to be up later than 10 o’clock.

5. Leprechauns scare me.

6. I could never find a four-leaf clover.

7. I hate being pinched. (Anyone who has tried to pinch me today has been informed they will be kicked. And I am not kidding.)

8. I have green eyes, so that should be green enough.

9. I don’t look that good in green in the first place.

10. As Mr. V pointed out this morning, isn’t nearly every day some saint’s day? Why did we pick St. Patrick to celebrate as a full-out holiday?

Lest you think I hate every holiday, I promise, I love most of them. The ones that have a point. Like Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and patriotic holidays.

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12 thoughts on “Top Ten Reasons I Don’t Care about St. Patrick’s Day

  1. I hear you!! As I've gotten older I think it's funny that TWO saints (Pat & Valentine) both get holidays—and would St. Patrick really like everyone boozin' it up on his day?


  2. I agree with everything (except the eyes, mine are blue)! I hate getting pinched, too. My older son is decked out in his Celtics jersey today for double protection!

  3. My oldest child was baptized on St. Patrick’s day, so we will have a little feast day celebration tonight.

    As your kids get older, some of these holidays become more fun–honest!–especially when you can use them to learn about other cultures and foods.

  4. Did you know that until recently, Irish pubs (in Ireland) were required by law to be closed today? It’s always been a religious celebration to them. We Americans ruined and commercialized it,like we do most things 🙂

    But I’ve always loved celebrating the day because it’s my birthday. Just always made for a much more fun day.

    I agree with a previous commenter though, that these holidays get much more interesting when your kids are older. St. Patrick is actually a really interesting person to study.

  5. It’s funny, though, how strong the cultural formation is. At the Div School this morning I saw a ton of people wearing green. Thursday, though, the feast of St Joseph (which is actually a major feast everywhere, not just in Ireland — a solemnity even), will be passed over in ignorance.

  6. Your are too funny! Give it a shot, won’t you? It’s not all THAT bad. I mean, at least there’s not a law to wear that goofy hat! I think the girl modeling has had a few green beers herself. 🙂

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