The Zoo Crew

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Today my sister and I took Libbie to the Nashville Zoo. It’s the first really nice Saturday we’ve had probably since she’s been born. It was upwards of 75 today! We had fun taking turns carrying her around in the Baby Bjorn and talking to her about the animals. She slept through some of it, but I was glad she finally got some real outside time! I’m hoping it will stay decently warm so we can take more walks and be outside.

It’s been a little bit of a crazy weekend so far, with Auntie Roo being here, taking breakfast out for a group of sixth-grade boys doing Disciple Now, and trying to make plans for this week. One of my best friends from high school’s little brother was killed in Iraq on Tuesday. Libbie and I are going to go to Richmond Monday night to go to the funeral on Tuesday. I am so heartbroken for Cynthia and her family and desperately needed to be there. I spent a lot of yesterday trying to figure out flights, cars, and friends to stay with, and I think it’s going to work out, for which I am so thankful.

So I may not be around too much in the upcoming week, and I know you’ll understand. Please be in prayer that we’ll have easy travels, the family will be comforted, and Mr. V will be OK here at home.

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