Hug Your Kids

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As I rocked Libbie last night, I couldn’t help but cry for Heather, also known as MamaSpohr, who I didn’t even know of until yesterday. She had obviously been close to many mommies I follow on Twitter, and yesterday morning Twitter and blogs were swept with the news that Heather’s young daughter Maddie had died on Wednesday evening.

As a mom … there’s really nothing worse imaginable than losing your child. I know I’ve mentioned before we’ve had child deaths in both my and my husband’s families. So I’ve known the residual pain it leaves. But imagaining losing my baby–it is simply unbearable. I’m not sure how my grandmother, my mother-in-law, Angie, anyone … how does any momma bear it?

I rocked that precious girl, and cried, and thought. What if I knew I only had a year left with my sweet daughter? I would spend less time playing Crazy Cakes on Pogo and more time reading aloud. Even less time worrying about things being clean, and more time kissing her feet and cuddling her by my side. I’d relish the time in the middle of the night where she wanted to nurse. I wouldn’t stop nursing her unless she wanted it, because it is a sweet time we spend together. And I’d definitely quit my job.

Other than quitting my job, I can do all those things. Cherish your children a little extra tonight. Pray for the Spohrs. You can use that banner to donate to March of Dimes in Maddie’s name. She was a preemie baby and I understand that March of Dimes is an organization close to the Spohrs’ hearts.

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  1. Need to do all those things (except the job one) because this time when Libbie is little goes by so very quickly. You’ll turn around and she’ll be in school.

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