Can Bou Heah Be Dow?

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For those of you who don’t speak congestion, I’m sorry.

It has been one long week. I had meetings nearly every day at work. Libbie has been stuffed up and went from running a low-grade fever on Monday to being sorta OK to just looking like she felt awful. I took her home early on Thursday and Mr. V did on Friday. She has slept an insane amount and seems to be feeling better.

Unfortunately she passed that crud right along to me and I’ve been feeling pretty gross since Thursday. I think I have enough snot to wet the Sahara right now and the last thing I want to do is get out of bed to cook, clean, or anything.

But yesterday I had to make a cake and two appetizer-y dishes for a baby shower, drive to the other side of the city to go to it, and then we had made plans for dinner with a couple from church. It was all lovely, but overexertion for my current state. I spent this afternoon in bed! I am going to try to drag myself out to Kroger tonight just to grab a couple of things–I got some good manager’s special meats earlier this week while shopping for said shower. (That’s a whole other post I have brewing!) So I just need a few things and think I can force myself to go out.

Hope you’ve had a better week than I did! What was the highlight? Mine was probably taking a two-hour nap with Libbie on Thursday afternoon and getting to read a large chunk of a great book I have to review!

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