Is There Anything You Don’t Know about Me?

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I worry that sometimes I am too much of an open book on this blog. It’s funny how in the blog world I feel freer to be my true self, confess real things, things I might not even tell my real-life girlfriends. (Although they might read it here. And somehow that’s OK!)

Things have been a little heavy here recently, so I thought you might enjoy a break from me ranting about being a working mom and take five minutes to read some random things about me.

A – Age:
I’ll be 27 next month. For some reason, 27 sounds a whole lot more like 30 than 26, and that scares me!

B – Bed Size: Queen. I love our bed. Mmm, sleep …
C – Chore You Hate: All of them? Mostly I hate vacuuming/sweeping/anything that involves trying to keep the floor clean and devoid of crud. Although now without dog hair it looks a little better than it did.
D – Dad’s Name: Christopher. I wonder if he was named for someone. I don’t know. Dad?
E – Essential Start Your Day Item: E-mail? Yes, I have a sickness.
F – Favorite TV Show: How I Met Your Mother…although I also love The Big Bang Theory, The Office, Project Runway, and Top Chef. And Jeopardy.
G – Gold or Silver: I’m more of a silver jewelry person, although I insist on wearing gold jewelry with brown clothes. My wedding rings are white gold.
H – Height: 5’3″
I – Instruments You Play(ed): I can plunk out stuff on the piano due to two years of piano lessons.
J – Job Title: Production Editor
K – Kid(s): Our darling Libbie, five months old and sweet as can be.
L – Living Arrangement: 1200 square foot condo outside Nashville. Small, but just right for now. And it has a big kitchen and pantry!
M – Mom’s Name: Donna
N – Nicknames: Jessie is my nickname (for Jessica). I always wanted a better nickname but no one ever gave me one.
O – Overnight Hospital Stays Other Than Birth: Not that I remember. I may have stayed overnight when the dog tried to rip my ear off, but I don’t know.
P – Pet Peeve: simple grammar and spelling errors, people who giggle continually
Q – Quotes You Like: the quote on my work email is: “Every human being has value. This is the basis of all healthy relationships.” –Mr. Rogers
R – Right or Left-Handed: Right.
S – Siblings: One younger sister, Auntie Roo aka Ashley. (See?? She had a nickname! How come I didn’t?)
T – Time You Wake Up: The alarm goes off at 5:30 on the weekdays. I’m usually up around 6…maybe. And on the weekends, whenever Mr. V makes me get up. And of course, this doesn’t count the baby’s night wakings for sticking the paci back in or a nursing session.
U – Ultimate Dessert: funnel cake with ice cream and cherry pie filling. Oh, King’s Dominion, I do miss you.
V – Vegetable You Dislike: raw tomatoes (although yes, I know those are really a fruit.) Do olives count as a vegetable? I don’t really know where they fall.
W – Ways You Run Late: Not getting out of bed early enough.
X – X-rays You’ve Had: spine x-rays for scoliosis; arm/shoulder when I was in the car accident; hip when I passed out at the Y in the shower (um, have I ever told y’all that story? It’s really not much of a story. Just the most embarrassing thing to ever happen to me.)
Y – Yummy Food You Make: I love making yummy things! Some favorites are beef stew, crockpot BBQ pork, pasta, oh, anything. I like to bake too. Check out the recipes I’ve posted here.

Z – Zoo Animal: elephants, goats, sea lions…love cute animals!

If you fill this out, leave a link here and let me know so I can see it!

4 thoughts on “Is There Anything You Don’t Know about Me?

  1. I am totally with you on spelling and grammar… and the chores and silver, too! What a fun list!

  2. Definitely agree about grammar errors! That drives me crazy. I saw you referenced King’s Dominion. I grew up going to King’s Dominion in the summers! I lived in Stafford for 12 years before coming to Nashville for college. Where are you from?

  3. Because some of us didn’t torment our siblings with nicknames they hated. hm. think on that 😉 There is still time for nicknames.

  4. 1200 square feet? *swoon* We’re in 700 square feet, including our front porch. I believe the Real Estate term for our house woudl be “quaint”.

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