My Ego is Just Slightly Inflated

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I am feeling a little tiny bit like a celebrity right now, because I met Shelly from Triplets are a Joy tonight while CVSing. Our conversation went something like this.

Me (staring at her purchases and thinking, Hey, I have a coupon for that!): Hey, I have a coupon for that! Do you want it?

Her: No, I think I have coupons for it all. But thanks! Sorry I am taking so long, trying to figure out coupons. Go in front of me.

Me: No, I am going to do the same thing! Go ahead.

Her: Do you read the blogs about this?

Me: I mostly read Money Saving Mom. Do you blog?

Her: Yes!

Me: Great! I’ll have to get your address. Let me write mine down for you. Wish I had my [outdated] business card. [hands her slip of paper]

Her: I read you!

Me [jaw drops onto floor]: You’re kidding. Who are you?

Her: Triplets Are a Joy.

Me: [notices three children of similar size running around] Ah! Awesome! [tries to avoid doing a celebratory dance that people! read! my! writing!]

Really, Shelly, it was great to meet you and I hope I didn’t distract you from the CVSing endeavor too much.

And as always I’m happy to announce, I got some great deals! I needed milk storage bags, which were priced at $10.99 at CVS. With all my coupons, ECB, and CVS extra coupons ($4 off $20, $2.50 off a painkiller product), I paid about $7 for the bags, toothpaste, Kleenex, Bayer asprin (which I can’t take, but it was a moneymaker!), and shaving cream for Mr. V. And I got $6.50 back in ECB. Wahoo!

2 thoughts on “My Ego is Just Slightly Inflated

  1. It was great to meet you too! That CVS clerk was awesome! She was so nice and patient with me. I learned some things of what to do and what NOT to do tonight. Next time I will be more prepared.

    After reading your blog I had to look up milk storage bags. I was wondering if I needed them. (I mean you were buying them and they must be a good deal.) I was wondering if the bags kept the ‘gallons’ cold in the car. HA! I can be so dense sometimes! I even used those 6 years ago!

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