Ode to BumGenius, Part 2

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Well, I feel like I have been cloth diapering long enough to be able to sing the praises of our diapers. I think it’s really only been about about 10 weeks, but everything seems longer in Baby Time. In Ode to BumGenius, Part 1, I was mostly entranced with how cute the little diapers are. And they still are. Sure, the little cloth-diapered booty is a little harder to fit into her pants (probably a key factor in the changing over to 6-9 month clothes this past weekend), but the diapers are precious.

I never, EVER would have thought I’d be cloth diapering. Trust me, I’m not an organic-eating, tree-saving kind of girl, really. We don’t even recycle. Shhhh. But y’all, diapers are expensive. And we cheap, yo. (OK, sorry. I’m feeling kind of weird today!)

Reasons Cloth Diapering Works for Us:

1. Inexpensive. We did choose a more expensive brand of cloth diapers (BumGenius, as the title notes). Even at that, we only spent $300 for diapers that should last until she is potty-trained, as they are the one-sized ones. That will save us approximately $2700 in diaper costs over the next few years.

2. Not running out of diapers and having to rush out to the store all the time. If all my diapers do get dirty, which has only happened once, I think, I have one package of disposables in the size she’s in that I use for this occasion (or if we need to use diaper cream, because it can stain the cloth).

3. Practically no diaper rash or blowouts. In the 2 1/2 months we’ve been using these, we’ve had two blowouts. She sometimes had two blowouts a DAY in disposables. Less dirty clothes to wash and deal with.

4. Not populating landfills. Again, I am no environmentalist, really. I do believe we should honor God’s earth, though. And at the rate it takes disposable diapers to disintegrate, ALL of the disposable diapers EVER used are still in landfills. That just grosses me out.

Modern cloth diapering is so easy. The adorable BumGenius 3.0s we got velcro and move just like a disposable. They are easy for our daycare teachers and church nursery workers to deal with. We use wet bags from Monkeyfoot Designs (that are CUH-YUTE) in her diaper bag and her room to contain the wetness and smell. You just throw these in the wash with the diapers.

I wash every other night–one cycle on cold, one on hot, and one long cycle in the dryer.

Two nights she had some diaper rash and wore a disposable to bed. Both nights she soaked through the disposable and onto her gown and sheets–ICK! My husband, who was extremely skeptical about this endeavor, then proclaimed, “No more disposables at night! And ever, unless it’s completely necessary!” They’ve even won him over.

I can’t recommend every brand. And it doesn’t work for everyone and every baby, I know. But cloth diapers definitely work for me. How about you? (And if you have any questions about cloth diapering, you’re more than welcome to e-mail me or comment here and I’ll respond.)

And P.S., BumGenius, if you read this and want to send me free diapers or some to give away or anything, you’d be more than welcome to do so! E-mail me!

6 thoughts on “Ode to BumGenius, Part 2

  1. Lol, I recycle BECAUSE we use disposable diapers. I feel like, wow, I send a lot of dipes to the landfill each day. I gotta do something to counter-act that!

    I hope we can use cloth someday. They sound so great!

  2. Thank you thank you thank you!!!! We’re placing our order soon..how many do you think are enough? Oh! And did you buy a diaper sprayer for the toilet?

  3. I only use b.g. diapers ! for my son and me and my family they are the best ! I have right at 24 diapers and only have to wash every 2 days ! and my hubby wont even touch a sposie , and if our son has a diaper rash which he rarely does , hubby uses the rash cream with a fleece liner in the b.g. diaper and it works great ! I must admit if you haven’t tried them you should !

  4. ok…well you talked me into it and I really like it! Right now we are using disposibles because Aaron is having major dirahhea (so imagine that in cloth diapers!) but I miss my cloth. We went with Rainforest Babies because I like the snap rather than the velcro. They do come sized however so for the next kid we will have to buy the smaller ones. I will suggest to anyone who is thinking about cloth and your kid is eating food, buy the flushable liners! These are a lifesaver and I don’t have to touch poop. Just flush them and I’m done. I do agree with the fleece liner comment. I just went out and bought fleece from Joann’s and made them myself. Costs about 5 bucks and works great!

  5. I *am* an environmentalist, but I found cloth diapers vastly better than disposables in so many other ways too!!! Now that I’ve been through the full experience, I can’t believe anyone thinks disposables are better. If you don’t have your own washing machine, that’s the only reason I can see that cloth would be difficult. Thanks for writing this! Keep spreading the word!

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