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You remember how I keep forgetting to tell you about the time I sprained my hip in the shower at the Y? It was actually my first post here at Vanderbilt Wife, on July 13, 2006.

I think when I started this blog, I intended it to be mostly my personal weight-loss journey and didn’t think anyone would read. I’m not sure I’d read anyone’s blogs at that point except Jen and Sam.

Three years! It’s been nearly three years I’ve been here rambling about this and that. I appreciate any of you who have stuck with me for awhile. Really, for me, the whole purpose of this endeavor has been to practice writing in the hopes that maybe someday I’ll be able to write for magazines or write books. It means so much to me that as this point I get more hits a day than I would have ever dreamed. (Not that I am super-popular as bloggers go–but for me to get 100 hits is a BIG STINKING DEAL!)

It took me two posts to reveal what my job is (although I think I did a much better job of hiding which company I work for until lately).

Five posts to fill out a meme.

Six posts to stop signing my posts as J and reveal my real (first) name. (And to write an “I’m sorry for not blogging” blog, which I’ve recently learned via Blog Blazers is a big no-no!)

Seven posts to write my first spiritual mediation, which got no comments (much like most of my later spiritual meditations!).

A little more than a year to scare y’all with the large number of books I read.

Until October 2007 to bestow upon you my first recipes.

And until a few months ago to really be able to write from the heart without worrying about people I know reading it.

Thank you, awesome readers, for letting me bounce ideas off you, ramble at you, and try to figure out things in my confused head. Thank you for reading my writing. As Alli would say, “You rawk.” I think that nearly three years into this blogging thing, I might finally be getting a clue on how to do it! More and more I enjoy writing and think it is readable; and that, after all, was the point.

2 thoughts on “Old Posts

  1. I have to say that I have loved reading your blog for the 1 year plus that I have been reading it. It has helped me get to know you better as a friend, helped me share ideas about parenting, and just made me laugh and admire you a whole whole lot! Keep it up. Tell me more books I would love if I ever made the time to read.

  2. Isn’t is fun to look back and see how your blogging has changed? I do that every so often, when I feel like I’m not up to par. It helps remind me how far I *have* come!!

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