Publix Bargain Meal: Chicken and Brown Rice Casserole

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Looks like we’re working on getting back to a Wed-Tues ad rotation with Publix after the lengthy Easter sale. But since this ad started on Monday, I thought I should go ahead and post our bargain meal!

I feel kind of bad for posting things I haven’t tried (sometimes I use recipes I have done, like our baked ziti…sometimes not). This week we had the strawberry-balsamic chicken I posted awhile back. I was not a big fan. Although the yogurt did a great job marinading the chicken into a tender dish, I just didn’t love the flavor combination. Which surprised me, since I adore strawberry and balsamic together in salads!

While I haven’t tried this recipe, I really trust the Crockpot Lady and I hope we’ll be eating this soon!

boneless/skinless chicken breats 1.99/lb–this is the best price I ever see them for, so I try to stock up when they are this price
baby portabello muchrooms–1.69/pkg

Crockpot Chicken and and Brown Rice Casserole

Her pictures and directions are both amusing and detailed, so I’m just gonna let you click over there for the recipe this week. Enjoy! Hey, and let me know if you’ve tried one of these bargain meals and hated it or loved it. I’d like to know! Head over to $5 Dinners for more cheap food.

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