Six Months

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Oh, these cheeks.

They kill me. I want to nibble them all the time.

That smile. It makes me do insane things.

Sweet little Libbie, How did you get to be six months old already? I’m at a lack of word today. I just stare at your pictures, amazed that God has sent us such a ridiculously cute, sweet, and loving baby to make us a family.

You make my life better. I love you, from your red hair, to your huge blue eyes, to the tips of your little chubby toes. It’s fascinating to watch you grow. You can now sit up for a few seconds, eat some real food, and give us hugs. You show a preference for certain people over others (making Pipaw Dale extremely happy to be one of The Chosen Ones). You smile and laugh all the time. Your new favorite game is singing songs with hand motions–you never tire of me waving your hands around to “Deep and Wide” and “I’ve Got the Joy, Joy, Joy, Joy Down in My Heart.”

I adore you, peanut. Can’t wait to see what the second half of your first year brings.

Love, Mommy

2 thoughts on “Six Months

  1. I will add this:

    Libbie, my sweet little niece, you are ALREADY such a blessing from God in my life. As soon as I am away from you, I start counting the days until I will see you again. I love you, and I look forward to getting to know you better and better over our years together. I love you, stinky face!!

    Aunt Ashley

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