Sweet Pea Central Giveaway!

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Hey, it’s been awhile since I had a giveaway!

I’ve been waiting for the Heavenly Homemaker‘s Giveaway Carnival to do this. I so appreciate Evyn, a friend I made through the SoulCysters message boards, letting me give away some items from her store! She started making adorable headbands for her daughter Amelia, and it has evolved into her cute little page selling these headbands, hair clips, and tutus.

Evyn is offering three headbands and one tutu to the winner of this giveaway.

To enter, go to Sweet Pea Central and tell me what your favorite headband is. And also which little Sweet Pea you’d be decorating with these items. I’ll pick a winner sometime on Friday (May 1). You must have a U.S. mailing address to receive this giveaway.

And hey, for an extra entry, either send a Twitter about this to your buddies (make sure to put @vanderbiltwife on it so I can find it!) or subscribe to my blog. For either, add another comment letting me know you did that. If you already subscribe, that counts too. 🙂

28 thoughts on “Sweet Pea Central Giveaway!

  1. I like #1018. Cute stuff!! And naturally, these would be for the little girl who will be here in FOUR weeks. Oh gosh……getting so close….

  2. I like #1016:) And, I have 2 little beauties I would love to decorate up with these cute creations! My 5 year old and 3 year old daughters would look adorable in these:)

  3. I love anyone with big flowers on them. How cute are these? I would have to be dolling up my 6 year old, as I don’t think my three boys would appreciate them as much, lol.

  4. They’re all precious, but 1007 is my favorite! (purple is my favorite color!) I’ll find out in June if I can keep them for my own little princess, or give them to my niece Mallory =)

  5. Number 1007 is my favorite – love the big white flower! My situation is just like Jess’ above! I’ll find out in June whether I’ll be keeping these for little Baby Payne or passing them on to my neice. 🙂

  6. I love 1014! And it would be for my 4 mo old daughter, Rachelle. And if it swings it in my favor – I also have PCOS, but was able to have 2 miracle babies!


  7. 1018 is pretty cute…but so are the rest of them! I have a two-year old and a 7-year old who would look pretty cute in them. If not, my sister is expecting her second baby and I’m sure a baby would look adorable too!

  8. so cute! These are all adorable, but I think #1013 is my favorite. My little 5 year old loves flowers, and she loves wearing pretty things in her hair. These would be the perfect combo! So beautiful..Thanks!

  9. I love 1032 or 1022 for my daughter, Ruthie. She would have so much fun with this and the tutu! She absolutely loves to dress up!

  10. I like 1013 for my 7mo old Megan … doubt she’d keep it on her very long, but it sure would look cute for a quick picture snap:)

  11. Love, love, love 1012 and 1018. Campbell and Claire would look adorable in either one, and I cannot resist a daisy in any color!

  12. 1025! Miss Abby B would look super cute if she’ll keep it on her head!
    Added you to my reader today — can’t believe I hadn’t done it before.

  13. I would choose 1021 – for my daughter who is 22 months. 🙂



  14. I like the purple and white polka dot bow, which I think is 1021. My headband would be for my sweetpea, Clara Joy, who is three months old.

  15. Oh I love them all! But 1018 is so adorable! And we are expecting a baby girl in august so we need lots of fun headbands!

  16. I like 1014…it would look beautiful with my little angel’s blue eyes:) Thanks!

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