Menu Plan Monday

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Hey! If you’re here from Menu Plan Monday, you should check out my Once-a-Month Cooking Extravaganza that took place this weekend. I’ve decided to divvy up those meals over 8 weeks. My part of the cooking was $125, so that leaves me with about $25 a week instead of $40. We’ll eat 2-3 freezer meals a week and have plenty for lunches. My OAMC meals will be designated (OAMC) for you!

Monday: No Fuss Chicken Cordon Bleu (OAMC), egg noodles, peas
Tuesday: Hashbrowns, eggs, grits, breakfast sausage
Wednesday: church (chicken quarters)
Thursday: Orange-Apricot Pork Chops (OAMC), corn on the cob, rice
Friday: Remaining pork chops (I think there are 4 big ones packaged together), fried green tomatoes, baby carrots
Saturday: supper club (going out)
Sunday: leftovers/scrounge

I thought I was adding up stuff as I went along at Kroger today, but either I miscalculated or something rang up wrong and I couldn’t tell, but I went over what I thought I had spent. Oops!

Here’s what I got this week. I spent $28.77 (again, oops), but I will cut back next week to make up for it. Or at least try!

Publix ($7.76)
Sun Chips (sale + coupon)
Fat Boy jr. ice cream sandwiches
Cascadian Farms granola bars (1/2 off + coupon = $1!)
4 ears corn (4/$1)
baby carrots
Publix BBQ potato chips (penny item)

Kroger ($21.01)
Sobe drink (free with catalina coupon)
3 boxes Uncle Ben’s rice mix (sale + coupon)
organic onion rings
2 Granny Smith apples
2 packs hot dog buns
1 doz. eggs
green beans (to make Libbie food)
2 clearance jars baby food
2 pkg. Oscar Meyer hot dogs (sale + coupon)
1 green tomato
2.5 lbs. oranges
Johnsonville breakfast sausage (sale + coupon)

Find more wonderful menu plans at I’m An Organizing Junkie.

2 thoughts on “Menu Plan Monday

  1. I’m so impressed with what you are doing. I wish that I could get that organized in my kitchen and budget.

  2. How cool!
    Great menu planned.
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