Most Boring Menu Plan, Ever

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Not that the meals are that very boring, but I only had to do VERY minimal shopping since we’re going to be out of town for the Memorial Day holiday.

Monday: Hammy Cheese (OAMC), carrots
Tuesday: Herb Baked Chicken Breasts from Betty Crocker’s Come Home to Dinner, broccoli, corn fritters
Wednesday: dinner at church
Thursday: Cheddar Butter Burgers (OAMC), onion rings, peas

OAMC= Once a month cooking, if you haven’t been here before! Click here to read about my experience with it.

This week at the grocery, I used NO COUPONS. Can you believe it? But I just needed very few things. Since we’re not going to be here for three nights, I just included the items we’re bringing for Sunday School breakfast tomorrow in our normal grocery budget, because I could.

P.S. We’re bringing orange juice, watermelon, and Chocolate Chip Cream Cheese Coffee Cake (OAMC) without going over our normal grocery budget! Something I never would have been able to do before!

Here’s what I got this week for $18.86 before tax.

2 Granny Smith apples
orange juice
broccoli (several heads)
whole wheat elbow macaroni (orange-stickered for $1.09 at Kroger)
terra chips
watermelon (1/4 whole)
1 bag frozen chicken cutlets
1 bag frozen corn
1 box panko (Japanese bread crumbs)

As always, you can check out I’m an Organizing Junkie for other wonderful menu plans. If they are good recipes, next week I’ll share how to make the herb chicken breats and corn fritters. ‘Til then!

2 thoughts on “Most Boring Menu Plan, Ever

  1. Okay, I’m just curious. Have you thought about how you will change your budget or menus as Libby gets to be a teenager or do you have any connections with mothers that really try to budget and menue plan with growing boys in the family. I can’t seem to keep enough food in the house for him.

  2. Are you kidding me with that cheddar butter burger? I am immediately going to DELETE that from my memory. Otherwise I will need one…NOW…!!! ūüôā

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