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I’m cleaning and pulling things out of the cupboard to get ready for once-a-month-cooking with Meredith tomorrow.

Am I nuts? Have you seen how Like Merchant Ships is all about keeping your house pretty, and serving your family milk out of a glass pitcher? And I’ve met Meredith several times–and she is serene and just like she comes across on the site.

Have you noticed that the subtitle of my site is “trying to be the housewife I’m not”? Generally that means I don’t clean, I can’t find my shoes, and I have absolutely no taste in decorating or fashion.

It would be one thing to attempt this daunting task by myself and whole ‘nother one when I am worrying about disappointing someone I barely know with my mess and confusion. I hope she will be forgiving.

I’m a little nervous. It’s good to know I’m not the only one.

4 thoughts on “Prepping

  1. I was just thinking earlier today, this (housekeeping, cleaning, cooking, etc.) is much harder than most people give it credit for. I certainly didn’t appreciate all the work my mother did. I guess she did it well enough to make it look easy.

    Hope you have a good time, tho.

  2. That sounds so fun! Meredith seems like one of the nicest, most gracious people you could find. I wish I could join you guys for a cooking session! I bet yall could teach me a lot. Have fun!

  3. Hope you guys have a wonderful time cooking together and I can’t wait to hear how it goes.

    Don’t worry, Meredith still speaks to me, even though my house is cluttered enough to make her twitchy, I’m sure. 😉

  4. Hmm. I’ve been thinking about trying once-a-month cooking. I would love it if you shared (or linked) to your favorite recipes.

    Do you think you’ll do it again next month?


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