Publix Bargain Meals: Garden Cucumber Salad with Tuna

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File Under: Things My Husband Would Not Eat in a Thousand Years

Hellman’s Mayo–half off

My recommendation is this Garden Cucumber Salad with Tuna and Fresh Basil from Kalyn’s Kitchen. It looks awesome! Serve with corn on the cob–boil the cobs for 4-5 minutes and slather with butter and salt. YUM!

This is the second year I’ve bought a basil plant. We don’t have a lot of room to grow things because we live in a condo, but we have a very small front flower bed where I’m allowed to plant. Last year my $1.50 basil plant grew into a bush that could have supplied the whole neighborhood with pesto. I think I may have watered it twice.

I am definitely pro spending $1.50 for an herb plant that will supply me with delicious fresh basil all summer instead of buying some for $2-3 at the grocery every time I need it. Had I not been gigantically pregnant, I probably would have frozen some of the basil to have later in the winter as well.

Here’s my favorite summer recipe to use the basil in: Summer Bow-Ties.

I’m linking this frugal herb tip to Works for Me Wednesday: The Frugal Edition.

One thought on “Publix Bargain Meals: Garden Cucumber Salad with Tuna

  1. I buy a basil plant every year and every year I have to rely on my boss to bring me basil from her garden! But it’s still cheaper to buy the plant every time I need it rather than paying double for a few leaves!

    Great tip!

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