She Eats

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For all of those who wanted more baby pictures (cough, cough, Mom, cough) …

Libbie is really getting into her solids!



She’s eaten bananas, apples and applesauce, cantaloupe, watermelon, sweet potatoes, green beans, carrots, prunes, and oatmeal. I think her least favorite thing is the applesauce, although she really likes Granny Smith apples! Go figure!

We’re doing more and more “real solids” when we’re at home. I know she doesn’t eat much this way, but it keeps her occupied and helps her figure out how to pick up foods herself. Technically, skipping purees is called baby-led weaning. But we are still doing some purees, especially for daycare, where I keep freaking them out with my Crunchy Granola Mom ways! 😉

Hope you had a good weekend. We just made a VERY quick trip to Chattanooga and back, so I had today off work. Looking forward to three days in the office before we head out for a wedding! Ack. I will post Family Recipe Fridays, though, so if you want to participate please get your post ready!

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