This Week’s CVS Adventure

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This was the first time I was brave enough to do multiple transactions at CVS in order to maximize my savings. It worked! And they didn’t fuss at all. I think the cashier was impressed with what I got.

I generally only CVS if I need something, unless I can get stuff for free or more-than-free. In this case, I needed baby sunscreen. The CVS brand costs $7.99.

Transaction 1

–1 Bayer Contour glucose meter $14.99 – $13 coupon (I think it should have been for the whole $15, but I didn’t put up a fuss. It also has a rebate which I might try and see if I can get! If not, hey, nothing lost)
–1 Schick Quattro $8.99 – $4 coupon
–1 Bayer crystals 4 ct.

$8.98 + $1.77 tax = $10.75
Used $6.89 ECB
Paid $3.86
Got $11 ECB ($5 glucose meter, $4 razor, $2 aspirin)

Transaction 2

–1 12-pack Lipton teas $5.99
–1 6 oz. Stacy’s pita chips $3.00 – $1 coupon
–1 bag Doritos $3.00
–baby sunscreen $7.99 <-- got for free b/c of buying above 3 items [spend $10, get sunscreen promotion]

$10.99 + .93 tax
Used $9 ECB from above transaction
Paid $2.92 OOP

The baby sunscreen itself was $7.99. I paid $6.78 total for everything here. I could have used my other $2 ECB that I earned in transaction 1, but I decided to keep them for next time (silly, like it matters one way or the other).
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2 thoughts on “This Week’s CVS Adventure

  1. This is the first time that CVSing has even remotely made sense to me. i want to talk more about this tomorrow!

  2. Try using “Grocery Game” even if just for a few months. It helps figure it out for you. It’s fun and puts your coupons to the best use on the exact sale.

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