Top Ten Posts I Loved Recently

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Yo, I am TIRED this morning. Because you know if I wasn’t, I would never say “yo.” Baby got up every two hours last night screaming bloody murder. Please be teeth? Because if not, they are going to have to take me to the loony bin.

Here are some of my favorite posts as of late, since I have no brain power this morning.

10. “Free Willy” from My Charming Kids

9. “Simple Ideas for Generosity–Even on a Tight Budget” from Money Saving Mom

8. “I Don’t Want to Be a Fun Mom” from The Secret Life of Kat

7. “Somewhere Ronald McDonald is Crying” from Big Mama

6. “Because Sometimes Love Letters Come in the Shape of a Book” from Ministry So Fabulous

5. “Mirror, Mirror on the Wall” from Deep South Moms

4. “Into the Marrow” from Pensieve

3. “Setting the Tone of Your Home” from We Are THAT Family

2. “Breaking News” from Chicken & Cheese

1. “Hello, Princess” from Her Bad Mother

Check out for much more interesting Top Ten lists this week.

10 thoughts on “Top Ten Posts I Loved Recently

  1. All the titls sound really good … I'll have to bookmark your page & make sure I read these when I have a second!!

  2. Thanks Jessie! My Springtime resolution (and I just decided this) is to READ blog posts! When you make it easy like this and just give me a list of endorsed posts? Well, you make it simple as pie :).

    BTW, a) had a GREAT time w/you and Miss Libbie yesterday morning…hope the rest of your time in Chatty was fun; b) is today your birthday?? c) You have the most beautiful dimples in the blogosphere :).

    Are you doin’ your food carnival thingy again this week??

  3. I took John to the pediatrician yesterday after two nights of solid screaming. No ear infection, so it must be time for teeth!

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