Welcome, Money Saving Mom Readers!

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I am so thrilled that my guest post has gone up on Money Saving Mom!

If you’re visiting from there, here are some posts you might like to see to get to know me:

A Little Bit About Me
Top Ten Kitchen Must-Haves [I’m a kitchen-tool-aholic]
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I’m an avid participant in
Menu Plan Monday from I’m An Organizing Junkie &
Bargain Meal of the Week from $5 Dinners

and occasionally I also participate in
Top Ten Tuesday &
Works for Me Wednesday

Plus, I’ve just started my own carnival, Family Recipe Fridays. Please come back tomorrow and participate!

Thanks again for visiting. Please comment and say hi, so I can check out your blog, too!

17 thoughts on “Welcome, Money Saving Mom Readers!

  1. Hey 🙂 I enjoyed your post and wanted to say hi!
    We were just in Nashville last month for our anniversary 🙂

  2. Just had to come back and leave another comment after reading your post “The Guilt”. Where has your blog been all my life?!? LOL! I’ve been having the same struggles and looking for the same resource for working mothers!

  3. Mary Ellen–I checked out yours, too–it is so hard to find other working mamas online!

    I’ve decided not to start the site for working moms because my DH has just gotten a job and I am not going to be working full-time anymore. But my heart is really with working moms!

  4. Came over to visit from MSM – love your blog. Your daughter is adorable and I really liked your post about breastfeeding and the issue of pride. Looking forward to following your blog. Good luck with the moving preparations!

  5. Jessie – How exciting! My husband and I are working towards being able to eliminate or at least reduce my income. Until that time, I’ll just continue to rely on God’s grace to help balance motherhood and home with working full-time.

    Good luck with your new season in life!

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  7. I have been reading for a few weeks now – and I so aspire to be you in the grocery shopping world! I am just starting to think this way because I see how much of our money is going toward food. And, like you, I get many recipes from Southern Living, etc.

    The guest post was really helpful to see how you think about your shopping and couponing (is that a word?). Keep the good tips coming!

  8. Nice post on MSM. Great exposure for other bloggers. Right there with you on trying to reduce expenses and still eat well.

  9. Hey, so is your DH related to the G.W. Vanderbilt line of Biltmore fame? Love that place. That would have been the life.

  10. Funny, while I was reading your guest blog I was thinking that I identified with your same comments! I even just had MY first baby in October, a girl. And the kicker? We both live in Nashville! 🙂 yay us!

  11. hi Jessie! I’m a Franklin SAHM to a 1yo girl and 3yo boy and saw you on MSM. I’m less of a kitchen epicurean and more of a “keep it healthy-but-FAST-and tasty” cook…never fancy, but hopefully good enough. I have been couponing a for about 6 months and it does get easier…but my budget is higher because I use organics, fresh meat and fresh produce – hard to get those prices down (but sometimes possible). Good luck in your journey at the grocery store!

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