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Saw this nice meme over at Heather’s blog and thought I would chime in as I don’t have anything important to say today (after posting three times last night!).

A blogger who makes me think (and I love it): Adventures in Babywearing

A blogger who makes me laugh (A LOT): Ministry So Fabulous

A blogger who has been known to make me cry (in a good way): Bring the Rain

A blogger who says things exactly the way I would (totally gets me): Giving Up on Perfect

A blogger who makes me think about the big wide world outside of my comfort zone and inspires me to action: Pensieve

A blogger who should really hurry up and write a book already: BooMama

A blogger who makes me want to move in with her (because I know she’d understand me AND make me laugh): OhAmanda

A blogger with photography skills that knock my socks off: Evie

A blogger who I must check out daily: I stay pretty up-to-date on my Google Reader, but I always click over right away when Like Merchant Ships has a new post

A blogger who makes me want to eat her food: The MawMaw

A blogger who could pretty much convince me of anything: Kelly’s Korner

A blogger who should win one of those big fancy blog awards for being one of the best: Love Well

Blogs I quietly stalk: PostSecret, My Charming Kids

A blogger who’s a faithful commenter and genuine encourager all around the blogosphere: Like Merchant Ships, Will Blog for Shoes

A blogger I MUST one day meet: Mary @ Giving Up on Perfect!!

A blogger I want to take parenting classes from: The Secret Life of Kat

Bloggers who are real life friends: The MawMaw, Steph, Megs, Bring the Rain, misKELLany, Photogrove

A blogger who has become a true friend: OhAmanda

A blogger who got me hooked on blogging & challenged me to be better: Pioneer Woman, Mrs. Fussypants

6 thoughts on “Blogging about Bloggers

  1. I think that you just won sort of award for being the fastest!!! I love it.

    And I'm so excited to check out the blogs you've mentioned here that I've never heard of. Good stuff, I'm sure of it.

    Thanks for playing along.

  2. Yay! This is so funny b/d I'm reading Sisterchicks In Wooden Shoes for a book review post. It's about a two friends who have never met IRL but have been pen pals since 3rd grade. One of them makes an impromptu trip to visit the other and they have a great adventure in Amsterdam. Anyway, it was totally making me think of you! We totally need to meet up!!

  3. Aww! So nice & here I am WAY behind on my blog reading! You've given me some new blogs to try out. Of course, since I can't keep up with my reader now, I'm not sure that's a good idea! 🙂

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