Eight Months

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Dear Libbie,

It’s been a month of firsts for you, little one. You got your first teeth–you now proudly sport those two bottom ones, which popped up one right after the other.

You tried out the pool for this first time. Obviously, you were not too crazy about it. You have warmed up to the idea, though, and we went splashing with your friends Erica and Elizabeth both this week!

You went on your first amusement-park rides, and loved at least two of them.

You ate many news things, as I’ve decided to stop being too worried about it now that you’re older. You love to eat pretty much everything. The only thing you really didn’t like was kiwis–too sour! But you will eat all manners of fruits and vegetables and get very angry if we dare eat without feeding you, too. Despite that fact that you’ve decided you hate your jumperoo with a vengeance, you will happily sit in your high chair because you think it might bring the food close to you.

You’ve turned into a mommy’s girl the last month or so. While it can be a little tiresome for me, I am glad it’s not the other way around, selfishly. I know it’s hard for Daddy when you don’t want to hang out with him. It seems to be getting better, but for awhile you wanted nothing except to sit ON MY LAP when we were together. Not next to me. Only on my lap, and preferably nursing, was acceptable.

On the downside, you also went to your first funeral, for your great-grandfather. I am sad you’ll never know his quirky ways, but I will tell you many stories. You still have six living great-grandparents who are crazy about you, lucky girl.

Some things have stayed the same. You still have huge blue eyes. I don’t know if they’ll change color or not, but right now they are so gorgeous and get many comments from friends and strangers. You still love to read and sing, and grab for and eat anything that comes into your path. You sit up very well and are starting to scoot around on your bottom and crawl backwards. I’m a little nervous about those days when you become fully mobile!

What hasn’t changed, of course, is how much we love you to pieces. Your Daddy and I think you are just the best, brightest, most beautiful little girl in all the world. You are such a sweet baby, and as I watch you transform into a little girl, I can’t wait to see what happens and who you will become.

I love you, pumpkin.


3 thoughts on “Eight Months

  1. Glad to see that you put my photography to good use 🙂 Auntie Roo and her crazy paparazzi ways, but you will be thankful one day! [I love that last picture—it's my background on my computer!]

  2. She is truly the most beautiful child. LOVE the pic on the ride. Having fun and not even 8m old at the time. What a Big girl.

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