The Hanson Chronicles: On the Road

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I really, really wish I had pictures to accompany this post. I know they exist somewhere, but of course in nondigital format and I honestly have no clue where they might be hiding.

So you’ll have to settle for this hideous picture of me and Cynthia, doing who-knows-what in her room, in 2000 (we were high-school seniors). I spent a WHOLE lot of time in that room.

In the summer of 1997, Cynthia introduced me to a little band called Hanson. A severe obsession formed that lasted years. I’ve written a little about it here.

Hanson had the nerve to wait an ENTIRE YEAR from that time to go on tour. At the time it seemed like forever. When it finally came around, Cynthia, my sister, my sister’s friend, my DAD, and I trekked it to Manassas, Virginia and actually got to sit in seats, for which we were very proud. I am pretty sure my dad read the newspaper during the concert, surrounded by a gazillion screaming teenyboppers.

I have a document in my scrapbook entitled “The Life and Times of Jessie and Cynthia at the Hanson Concert.” Yes, I was 16.

Later that summer, we stumbled on the fact that Hanson was coming to the great Commonwealth of Virginia again, and there would be an online presale–THE NEXT MORNING. Cynthia and I rushed along, securing a credit card from my dad, permission from parents, money from our best friend Elise; and we nearly dropped dead when we also secured seats in the FIFTH ROW at the Virginia Beach venue.

Elise and me, circa 2001

We stayed up the entire night before and made gifts for Hanson, and delivered them to the stage at the concert along with a giant card we were sure would get their attention. And cause them to propose on the spot, perhaps.

The concert, though the same set, was quite different from the fifth row, where we could see what was going on. Eschewing our Hanson shirts for sexier attire, we tried to seem mature while screaming our lungs out and panting like dogs–at the “hotness” of the vocalists as well as a result of the swarm of young women surrounding us.

It’s a very happy memory.

I went on to see Hanson in concert once more, in Richmond, in 2000. While fun, it was never the same. I just don’t love the music they do now, as much as I want to. And the fact that Taylor has four kids kinda freaks me out as he is younger than I am.

By the way, I’ve also seen The Backstreet Boys, NSYNC, LFO, and Joey McIntyre in concert. There’s your laugh for the day! 🙂

So, what was your favorite band in high school? What’s your favorite concert memory?

This post inspired by a prompt from Plinky, which asked, “How far have you traveled to see your favorite performer?” While this isn’t the farthest I’ve gone for a concert (I took my then-boyfriend/aka Mr. V to see his favorite band in North Carolina one year), it’s definitely a more entertaining and involved tale. Thanks, Mary, for the link to Plinky!

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    {{btw, it took me quite a while to scroll through posts to find an uncommented-to one 🙂 }}

    Cute piccha, cute story…I don't think I've ever traveled more than an hour to chase music loves :).

  2. Oooo, I forgot…favorite HS band. Hmmm, oh, dear, I don't remember! Bands? The Commodores?? You are NOT allowed to tell anyone!

    Trying to remember who we danced to and I CANNOT remember. I'm old ;).

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