It’s Poop Again

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There are some things “they” just don’t tell you about motherhood (just like “they” don’t tell you about pregnancy [or your body after birth, via Kacie]).

They certainly don’t tell you that your darling daughter won’t poop for a week but be fairly happy until, of course, she returns to daycare. Then she will scream bloody murder and they will ask you to come over and RETRIEVE THE POOP YOURSELF since she can’t push it out.

Oh. My. Word.

I checked with a few other parents to make sure this was something that actually happened to other people. That my daycare providers are not voo doo practicing nuts or something.

It’s true. Shudder.

And I did. Oh yes, I did.

So you will understand why I am still in shock and have nothing else to write about tonight.

Submitted to Kristen’s “THAT Family Moment” carnival.

7 thoughts on “It’s Poop Again

  1. Honestly, I'm confused by this… but I don't think I truly want to know more! lol I never had to dig poop out of my kids.

  2. Eva gets constipated a lot. She was on miralax for a year to keep her going.(prunes, raisins, no milk…none of those worked) She is finally going consistently and not holding her butt cheeks together crying.

  3. I had a similar experience with my son when he was seven months old. There are not words to describe the awfulness…disgusting, mortifying, and disturbing will get me started though!!!

  4. Ah, digital disimpaction….
    As a nurse, I know about these things (thankfully haven't had to do it as a parent yet!).

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