Menu Plan Monday

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OK, I have to admit that I came home from the grocery store gleeful and told Mr. V, “I won the grocery game!” I don’t subscribe to the real Grocery Game, but you know I do my own coupon-sale configurations to get great deals each week. This week I got two bags of Kraft shredded cheese for 32 cents. TOTAL. I nearly did a happy dance.

As I was unloading groceries, I got the call from my dad that my grandpa’s funeral will be Sunday, so I don’t think we’ll be home Fri-Sun nights. So these meals will probably be moved to next week, but here’s what I was planning.

Monday: grilled sandwiches, fruit salad, tortilla chips
Tuesday: shrimp skewers, rice, broccoli
Wednesday: church (spaghetti)
Thursday: burritos (OAMC)
Friday: BBQ Chicken Cornbread Pizza (from Rachael Ray 365, extremely similar to this recipe except the topping is ground chicken, red bell pepper, and barbecue sauce, topped with cheddar)
Saturday: Cheddar Butter Burgers (OAMC), onion rings, corn on the cob
Sunday: sausage, eggs, grits

OAMC = Once a Month Cooking

I met my $25/week budget ($40 week – money spent on OAMC) and found some wonderful deals this week! Here’s what I got.

Publix ($12.03)
2 ears corn
Bertolli oven meals (sale + $1.25 coupon)
1 mango
4 shrimp skewers (on sale $10/10, used $1 off fresh meat coupon from Publix baby club)
2 Healthy Choice meals
Publix American singles (penny item)

Kroger ($13.05)
tortilla chips
wheat kaiser rolls
2 pkg. Kraft cheese (on sale 3/$5, used 2 $1 off coupons from, used $1 off dairy item coupon from Publix baby club–Kroger takes competitor coupons. Total–32 cents for both!)
frozen corn
1/2 gallon milk
lunchmeat ham
8 oz. tomato sauce
3 peaches
1 red bell pepper
Lysol toilet bowl cleaner (sale + coupon = 82 cents)
2 Jiffy corn muffin mixes\

For more menu plans, check out I’m an Organizing Junkie. For more grocery savings, head over to Money Saving Mom!

4 thoughts on “Menu Plan Monday

  1. I just wanted to tell you . . . I'm no good at ALL at this game. From menu planning to grocery savings, I fail at it all. But your lists are actually inspiring! Most of the menus I see around the blogosphere are just not realistic for my abilities and tastes. Yours are. So, should I ever get myself together and spend less and cook more – well, I'll have you to thank. 🙂

  2. Do you do the full OAMC menu? I'm thinking about picking a recipe or two that sounds good and just doing that since 1) It's only me and a 4-year-old, which really means just me since he subsists on corn dogs and chicken nuggets, 2) I don't have a babysitter in order to do this without distraction, 3) I have to do laundry on Saturdays, 4) I have to take a nap. So there are all my excuses. Seriously though, I like the idea of cooking extra one time and then freezing. What do you do for your OAMC day?

    P.S. I like your blog for several reasons, but the biggest is frugal blogging from a working mom–most (all?) that I read are from SAHMs, which is fine, but a totally different lifestyle from mine–so thanks! Keep up the good work!

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