Musings from the Woods

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I wrote this ON PAPER while on vacation this past week. Enjoy!

I went to a pretty prestigious and expensive university (on a scholarship from the Baptists, for which they receive my lifelong loyalty). When I came home after my freshman year of school, I vividly remember one of my parents–likely my mother–telling me I’d turned into a snob. That some of that Rich Northern Girl mentality had perchance rubbed off one me.

While I don’t think I’m a snob, I do fancy myself cultured in some things. I really enjoy good food and being waited on at nice restaurants. I full-out confess that I’m a grammar snob and bad spelling makes me cringe (hence, my job is perfect for me).

But being here in the woods, eating hamburgers and being disconnected from reality and the Internet, reminds me that I’m a simple girl. I really like weak Folgers coffee. I can eat a whole jar of dill pickles and I hate blue cheese. I’d rather have cherry coke than fine wine any day, and I love anything cooked in a campfire.

Life is good without pretentions. I hope I’ll raise Libbie to just like what she likes, no matter what people think. I hope we’ll go camping so she’ll know the perfect taste of a Hershey-bar s’more. I hope she’ll learn the pure joy of a few days of rest, pajamas, and no phone or Internet. I’ve sure enjoyed the revitalization.

2 thoughts on “Musings from the Woods

  1. Love, love, LOVE this post, Jessie! I love that you wrote it on paper, I love that you hate blue cheese and love Cherry Coke (me, too), and I love that you have two distinct parts of your personality that are equally YOU. Love.

  2. Oh, me too! Some may call me snobbish for my taste in some things (fancy schmancy dark roast coffee)…some may call me a hick for others (sushi is bait, not food). But too bad. I yam who I yam 😉

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