Two Percent for Looking in the Mirror Twice

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My long-lived romance with musicals began in eighth grade.

I was in French 1 and completely, 100% one of the teacher’s pets (100% was, coincidentally, also my average in that class, I think). When Mademoiselle asked if anyone wanted to go to see Les Miserables off-Broadway at The Mosque (now The Landmark Theater), I was definitely interested. She gave us a two-page summary of the story and told us to dress well for the theater.

If you’re familiar with Les Mis, you know two pages cannot possibly follow all the amazing, heart-wrenching story lines. I cried every. single. time someone died that first time. Afterward, I craved Les Mis. I listened to the tape of the soundtrack for weeks. I explained every scene to my sister in between songs.

During high school, I had the privilege of ushering at several shows in Richmond (like Grease–so when I finally saw the movie I was way confused. The show is quite different). My mom and I snagged incredible tickets to Man of La Mancha with Robert Goulet from a rich benefactor. One of my best friends acted in the musicals at the local high school, so that added four more to my exposure.

Outside the theater where we saw Les Mis in NYC. Ashley and I were trying to look angry, I guess!

My parents took me to New York City for my 18th birthday. We ate at Windows on the World (sniff) and went to see Les Mis on Broadway. Amazing.

In college, I was introduced to songs from RENT, Jekyll and Hyde, and The Scarlet Pimpernel by my Michelle. We had several songs from RENT memorized to the point where we could each sing a part (Michelle usually had to be the boy or whoever cursed more, because I don’t curse). We went to see Anything Goes, HMS Pinafore, and Gypsy at school.

Mr. V and I went to see Les Mis in Richmond for our first-year dating anniversary. And my musical obssession has only been enhanced by four years of season tickets to a local theater in Franklin.

All of this to say: I don’t know what it is. The stories? The emotion-filled music? The fact that for years my heart so longed to be there on stage, singing, but my acting skills left a little too much to be desired? I know what drew me so into Les Mis was I felt so much like an Eponine! I guess it’s the same thing that makes us passionate about music, art, movies–there’s always something to relate to, the themes are eternal, and it arouses something spiritual within us.

When I sang in the Broadway Revue at church for two years, I felt complete exhileration, nothing quite like I’ve ever felt before. The only bad thing about having Libbie when I did was that I was WAY too tired to do it this year, not to mention working full-time with a three-month-old. But it broke my heart not to be able to be in it.

With my new Sirius radio, I’ve been listening to the “On Broadway” station nonstop. I love hearing songs from musicals I’ve never heard of, ones I love, and ones I sang in the Broadway Revue.

Maybe it’s a bad thing that these songs stir my soul so. Maybe it means it’s not being stirred enough by other things? But then again, maybe it’s just how God made me. Maybe it is a perfect puzzle piece in my life, something He will use for good.

Thanks for letting me ramble. Now, I have to know: do you know what the heck I’m talking about? If so, what’s your favorite musical?

10 thoughts on “Two Percent for Looking in the Mirror Twice

  1. I'm a huge HUGE HUGE musicals fan. When I was a teenager, I wanted nothing more than to run off to London (I was scared of NYC) and do musical theater. I'm a big Andrew Lloyd Webber fan- my favorite is Aspects of Love. But of course, I love Les Miz. In fact, this last weekend we flew to Indy so that my in-laws could babysit and we could go see Wicked. (we live in DC and couldn't get tickets when it came here.)

    My dad would always take me to TPAC to see shows when I was in high school- I can still remember seeing Phantom for the first time and being instantly hooked.

  2. Girl, i don't believe it is ever a "bad thing" when we respond to art in any form. i think it's a way that we reflect God – a part of the way in which we are created in God's image. God is an artist . . . it only makes sense. 🙂

  3. I am a fan of musicals as well. My favorite is Wicked. We have seen it twice…once on Broadway and once in Birmingham when it was on tour. It is so awesome! We saw it for the first time 4 1/2 years ago, and I still listen to the soundtrack!

  4. I love musicals, but I have not seen nearly enough. I've never seen Les Mis! I've never seen Cats! What's WRONG with me?? 🙂

    One of my favorites is actually Music Man – love that one! Also, Wizard of Oz holds a special place in my heart, because we did it my senior year of high school (I was Glinda the good witch, but I really wanted to be the scarecrow!).

  5. I'm so jealous you have seen so many. I've seen Miss Saigon and The Lion King. AND THAT IS ALL. I've seen lots of the movie musicals and of course, I know they don't compare to the actual play. But oh, I DO love musical!

  6. I think the thing about musicals is the story being held up my music– something that can't be expressed in words. I feel this way about music in general. Example: I've not been very religious lately, but all I have to do is think about the harmony on "hold me close, let you love surround me" and I tear up. Like right now. Maybe it's the emotion that's tied to it. Maybe it's that great energy that can never be put into words. So… yes, I know what you mean. 🙂

  7. I super love a musical, but am not good at being a real FAN. I'll love it when I see it and then get on with my life. Dang short term memory. Where was I? 🙂
    And I completely agree that you are wired as a work of art by God and anything that reflects that artistry can reflect Him! He is so creative- look at the duck billed platypus!!

  8. you KNOW that I love musicals. I think the Lord can use them to speak to us sometimes. I love them because I feel like they capture the human experience.

    And my favorite? Right now…it's totally WICKED.

  9. Love it when art in any form brings out such strong emotion…

    I have RENT lyrics tattooed on my arm – totally hear you 😉

  10. Love them all, used to be an opera singer (believe it or not)… Phantom, Les Mis, Carmen. LOVE them!

    Danelle Ice / Homemaker Barbi

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