Aw Stink, It’s Monday

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Mr. V is out of town. I am out of sorts. What are eating this week? Um, I hadn’t really thought about it too much.

Monday & Tuesday: I’m planning on making Black Beans and Brown Rice for me and Libbie to nosh on.
Wednesday: either church or going on a boating party with some friends.
Thursday: Grilled cheese and tomato soup (we’re going to see Harry Potter, need something quick!)
Friday: Roasted Cornish game hens with this orange marmalade glaze*
Saturday: I’m going to Margarit-Her. Baby and her daddy can fend for themselves!
Sunday: Leftovers/whatever you can find

*cornish hens are not something we would normally eat. However, with a coupon I was able to get a frozen bag of halves at Kroger for 99 cents. I couldn’t pass it up! So we’ll see how it turns out.

For more menu plans, click over to OrgJunkie.

3 thoughts on “Aw Stink, It’s Monday

  1. We are NOT taking Libbie to see Harry Potter, we have a babysitter.

    We will, however, be taking her to the boat party if the system allows. 🙂

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