A Dinner, in Pictures

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My sweet friend Megs and I have been trying to get together every couple weeks. We have dinner at my house on a Thursday night, Mr. V’s night out with the boys, and get to talk while the baby is asleep.

This Thursday, Megs asked if she could make Crispy Yogurt Chicken from The Pioneer Woman Cooks. Um, YES! And then she suggested we take lots of pictures so we could both blog about it.

I decided to stick mostly with the PW theme and made her Fresh Corn Casserole as a side dish. I also made my mother-in-law’s salsa with a kick of fresh parsley that we had from the chicken. It was all delicious!

Here is the corn casserole before it went in the oven. I forgot the butter (PW would never forgive me) but it still turned out awesome. I used peaches-and-cream corn from the Nashville farmer’s market that Carolyn picked up for me–YUM!

Libbie wanted to help, but I wasn’t so sure about letting her touch raw chicken and sharp knives, so she ate banana instead.

Here’s Megs posing with her Parmesan cheese. She added some to the panko for the chicken breading–it was perfect. The chicken was phenomenal!

Beautiful ingredients for the salsa–onions, tomatoes, green pepper, and jalapenos all from the farmer’s market.

Finished chicken. We used legs and thighs from Megan’s farm share. We kind of forgot to take a picture before we started digging in.

And the corn casserole … also only remembered once we were serving seconds!

I also made a variation on French Yogurt Cake from Baking: From My Home to Yours, Dorie Greenspan’s cookbook, that Chocolatechic shared back in March. She used orange zest, orange marmalade, and chocolate chips–and so did I! It was soooo good. Very moist and perfect and refined. And it would have been pretty if I’d been able to get it out of the loaf pan in its completeness. Oh well. Go look at Chocolatechic’s pictures, they’re pretty! And pretend mine looked just like it.

It was a wonderful night.

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