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I’m an extremely open person. Sometimes that can be to my detriment. I like to think of it as simply being authentic. I’m not one to shy away from the fact that I’m crazy as a blue jay, can’t keep my act together, and rarely wake up more than 45 minutes before I need to leave the house. I pretty much never take a shower and do my hair in the morning; I take baths at night and then leave the house ponytailed or with a poofball atop my head. 

Unfortunately this “freedom of speech” can cause me to say whatever I’m thinking, which we all know is not wise. Yesterday I was having a pity party for myself and said something in Sunday School I should have kept to my own self. It was silly and self-serving. I’ve been feeling sorry for myself because our 5-year-anniversary is in 2 1/2 weeks, and we have nothing planned. Which is not unusual from any other anniversary, except for our first, but it does have me a little down. Hearing everyone else’s plans to go to the beach/Ireland/somewhere fantastic during the week of OUR anniversary got to me. I made a comment I should not have.

I do this way more often than I should. And then I beat myself up about what I have said for, oh, weeks. Way past when anyone else remembers it.

Well, where this post was supposed to be going was, I doubt there is much you don’t know about me if you’ve read this blog for awhile. I’m pretty open to talking about birth, breastfeeding, my weight, and even my boobs. The MckLinky BlogHop challenge this week was to tell 3 things you might not know about me. Well, there are two above there in bold. And the third?

I like turtles.

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4 thoughts on “Do the Hop

  1. As my husband has said over the years, if he started doing something now for anniversaries and birthday, I would be disappointed when he forgot to do something. So he never does anything. I ususally don't let it bother me…but every now and then I just want him to remember that its a special day.

    I love turtles too. I'm always bringing them home for the kids. But I love frogs, they are all over my house.

  2. hopefully something fun and sentimental will happen for your anniversary!
    I am very outgoing! –So much so that my high school BF's mom thought I was fake nice…OK crazy lady!!

    Have a great week!

  3. When it comes to holidays or milestones, I have learned not to leave it up to fate. I'm better off planning or telling my husband exactly what I'd like. Yes, it takes away from the possible surprise, but clear expectations make for a happy mommy. My five year anniversary was pretty low-key, but still lovely. I'd challenge you: what would your ideal day/night be? Plan it, mama!!

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