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1. “Stop, Thief!” from Is There Any Mommy Out There? [I came across this via BlogNosh–a great way to find wonderful posts that may be older.]

2. “The Power of Motherhood” from The Secret Life of Kat

3. “Legalism vs. Authenticity” from Crewsin’ Together [aka my friend Scott]

4. “A Twinkling” from Pensieve [another older post she linked to, still beautiful. When ya writing a book, Robin?]

5. “Learning Compassion in the Church of Chick Fil-A” from Playgroups Are No Place for Children

6. “Sacrificing Memories” from The Life, Faith, and Creativity of Jessica Turner

7. “Contentment with Frugality” from A Simple Walk

8. “A Hobby of Mine” from The Pioneer Woman

9. “Top Ten Myths about Mom Bloggers” from Sarah in Real Life

10. “Bacon Always Comes to the Rescue” from BooMama

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I’m going to link this to OhAmanda‘s Top Ten Tuesday, even though I’m writing it on Thursday. Hope she doesn’t mind!

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