Once-a-Month Cooking Recipes: A Review

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Since some people asked when I did it, I decided to do recipe reviews for all of the Once-a-Month-Cooking dishes Meredith and I made in May. While there weren’t many recipes that wowed me, I would totally do it again for the ease of being able to pop a dish in the oven. It was a great experience. We did the April Menu from Once a Month Mom.

Egg muffins: YUM! They got very puffy. I warmed mine about 45 seconds wrapped in a napkin to absorb water, as recommended. I think I would like them better with bacon or sausage, but understand the ham was because that’s what other recipes called for and made it easy. I love having a hot breakfast I can stick in my bag for work. I did find, however, that as I approached 6 weeks in the freezer, they were inedibly salty. Strange?

Frozen fruit cups
: I think I should have gotten the cream cheese mixture a little more smooth–it is rather chunky, but that’s my fault. Meredith and I used blackberries instead of blueberries and canned pineapple instead of fresh. The fruit is delicious and I’ve really enjoyed these. Also great for on-the-go!

Chocolate Chip Cream Cheese Coffee Cake: Absolutely wonderful! I would definitely make this again.

Ham & Potato Pockets: The first time I made these by myself, I made them with dehydrated onion flakes. I think I liked that better than the actual onion. I had a hard time stuffing these all in the crescent dough. And the batch we made during OAMC didn’t get done enough, causing them to be doughy when reheated. But when I made them right–the first time–they were great!

Slow Cooker Chicken Barbecue: I didn’t really care for the flavor of the BBQ sauce. I’ve made Mr. V eat it, and he likes it.

Cheddar Butter Burgers
: Um, buttery! The first time I made them in a frying pan, so they sat in all the leaked-out butter. Still tasty, just different. Loved the cheese all the way through. A little small for a big bakery bun.

Chicken Pesto Spinach Salad: Pasta salads were not meant to be frozen. This one defrosted OK, but I had to mix in more mayo to make it creamy. The nuts needed to be added after the defrosting, because frozen and defrosted they were soggy. The crunch of the nuts would have been nice.

Hammy Cheese
: The flavors were good, but the pasta dried out because there wasn’t enough sauce. We added some broccoli and that was a good touch.

Ham and Hashbrown Bake: Fattening, yummy deliciousness.

Pizza-Stuffed Meatloaf: You can see my opinion on it here.

Burritos: Wow, these were absolutely delicious. Meredith and I kinda oops-ed on the recipes and ended up mixing all the sauce and beef mixture together. So we put some inside and some on the top. Still fantastic. Go, Aunt Susan (creator of this recipe)!

No Fuss Chicken Cordon Bleu: The chicken/ham/cheese part was tasty. I thought the sauce got a little runny upon defrosting, but it was still pretty good. I liked the carrots in the sauce as a great vegetable addition. They still had a bite after all the cooking and I loved that!

Maple Honey Mustard Pork Chops: We grilled these and didn’t boil down the marinade for the sauce. I didn’t taste a lot of the flavors because of this, but they were nice and tender and pleasant.

Beef Fajitas: I really enjoyed this recipes. The marinade gave the beef a good kick! We used canola oil to replace the tequila, and that was fine. We are eating this again tonight, and I’m excited!

Orange-Apricot Pork Chops: Dumped the whole bag of stuff, still frozen, in the crockpot and let it cook on low 10 hours. Really tasty. As Mr. V pointed out, it was using normal ham flavoring (cloves, brown sugar, cinnamon) on pork chops instead. The cloves really made it. Might be better as a winter dish with the spices, but very tasty nevertheless!

4 thoughts on “Once-a-Month Cooking Recipes: A Review

  1. I concur! We liked the burritos best, followed by the fajitas and the frozen fruit salad.

    I also thought that the thinner, mustard-style porkchops we used were very tasty in a skillet or on the grill. I will definitely buy that assorted pack of Sam's Club porkchops again. That was a LOT of meat for $1.38/lb.

  2. Hey there. Found your blog on Dr. Mom today. I'm LAgirl from ilovepublix.blogspot.com.

    I just tried once a month cooking recently and we used "Don't panic, Dinner's in the freezer" and we really liked every recipe that we did (Turkey Picante pie, Beef Stroganoff, chicken enchiladas, chimichangas, spinach lasagna). The recipes were tested over and over again and loved by many so they published a book. I bought mine on Amazon.

  3. Just wanted to add–the BBQ sauce was the only one I could find without high fructose corn syrup. Sorry you didn't enjoy the flavor!

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