Super Savings Saturday

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Some days, couponing just makes me annoyed. I hate doing it, but I make myself.

And then today, I was gleeful. I had the time to do it; I did my homework on Southern Savers and printed out the right coupons. I zoomed around Publix, getting only what I planned on, and saving a ton of money. Kroger was not quite as easy, and I ended up going a tiny tiny bit over what I wanted to spend. I should have put something back, but it was such a small amount and I still struggle with being embarassed over that.

At Publix, I bought blueberries, one plum tomato, Huggies baby wash, Granny Smith apples, Muir Glen tomato paste, Publix redskin potato salad, 2 Tai Pei frozen dinners, A-1 marinade, and Blue Diamond almonds. With my coupons, the Huggies wash was 14 cents, the marinade I got a 55 cent overage, the potato salad was 45 cents with a Baby Club coupon, the almonds were 59 cents, the tomato paste was 9 cents, and the Tai Pei dinners were 99 cents each. I spent $7.54 before tax.

At Kroger, I bought Marzetti veggie dip (on clearance), salsa, shredded cheese, cheese slices, frozen cornish game hen halves (.99 with $1 off catalina coupon), bakery buns, Dole salad (.71 on clearance), a Betty Crocker warm delight (.49 with cellfire and doubled manufacturer coupon), ground turkey, cherries, peaches, 6 yoplait cups (1.80 for with cellfire and doubled mfg Q), tortilla chips, lunchmeat ham, Santa Cruz strawberry lemonade (.74 with coupon), refried beans, natural peanut butter, granola bars, and a salmon fillet (1.98 on clearance). I spent $29.93 before tax.

Altogether, about $38 before tax, but more than $40 after tax. I’m trying to not spend over $40 total. But still, a very successful trip! I’m trying to do more shopping for what I can get really, really cheap and making what I can with those ingredients. So for this next week, I have 2 rolls of lean ground beef I got for about $1.50 each and some shrimp I got for $4, as well as a freezer meal.

I found all my deals for this week on Southern Savers. I’m also linking this up with Super Saver Saturday at Money Saving Mom.

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  1. Thanks so much for your comments on my little blog! I am flattered that you are reading my China posts. We had a life-changing expereince over there last year, to put it lightly. Great job on the couponing. I recently have become more of a coupon-er and just the thought of paying full price seems painful to me now!

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