A Three-Hour Meal

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I had an adult night tonight. That doesn’t happen much.

Me and Jenn, from a blog that isn’t up and running yet!

I didn’t partake in the adult beverages, but about 12 Diet Cokes later I am just slightly caffeinated and giddy from being with these lovely women.

My head is whirling from the conversation, laughs, and abundance of new faces I was able to meet. I am blessed that there were several faces I recognized as well, women I’d met at Blissdom or the Ultimate Blog Party.

Being part of a community rocks.

My husband doesn’t seem to understand why I blog. He’s not a writer for one; he’s a mathematician and he just does not have constant words running through his brain. I think he can see blogging for the benefit of chronicling our life, getting pictures of the babe out to the family; but as far as blogging for the general Internet, he doesn’t get it.

I’ve thought a lot lately about the male vs. female way of thinking. When a man is confronted with a problem, he wants to fix it. When a woman has a problem, she just wants someone else to listen. And perhaps sympathize. Let her know she’s normal and that is will be OK.

While blogs can be excellent sources of information, for me it’s more the second choice there. I put out my words, my problems, my fears, and relish in the feedback that tells me I am not some kind of mutant. I hope I can reassure others of the same.

The blogging community is so much more than I ever imagined it could be. Our dear Nashville bloggers are just the best!

Thanks, Jamie and Amy, for hosting Margarit-Her! It was a blast.

6 thoughts on “A Three-Hour Meal

  1. Hi- I stumbled across your blog via Not a Bow in Site- I have a husband who feels the same way about blogging. Love the way you stated it- makes perfect sense to me. And I am jealous of your Diet Coke consumption… I'm still nursing, so I have to watch the caffine- I can't wait til I can guzzle those again!

  2. WAIT! Jesse…you ARE a mutant! Ha. Ha. That was funny. I mean your saying it. You looked great last night. Good to see you again. It was fun! I enjoyed your comments here about men vs women. Yeah. Right on. Math? Pfff!

  3. How fun!!

    When I would go to happy hour with my co-workers, they'd always laugh because I would end up "drunk" on Cherry Coke. I'm pretty sure it was just the fact that I felt like I could relax because they were relaxing. But it was still always funny. 🙂

  4. I'm so glad you joined us. It was a really fun night out, wasn't it!!??

    We are going to do something fun again in September or October so stay tuned.

    I really have stuck with blogging because of the community/networking aspect. It does rock!

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